Welcome to Jogging Along

I’m Jane, a fifty-three year old Dorset dwelling nerdy jogger who also happens to love photography, practices yoga badly and has a fat tortoiseshell cat.

I’m also a digital entrepreneur with a passion for writing and a love for helping other women who want to get more active, which is why I started this blog; Jogging Along.

Running barefoot on the beach

Running barefoot on the beach

So why jogging and not running?

Well, I guess that’s because I love ‘running’ but in reality I’m probably a ‘jogger’. I like to plod along at my own pace – and really don’t care about fast times.

I say “I’m going for a run” but in reality I jog – and I’m cool with that.

Why d’you leave it so late to get fit?

After years of eating mahoosive bags of popcorn while lying on the sofa most evenings watching TV – something had to give.

My fiftieth birthday was looming, my hips were bulging (or my side-arses as my lovely husband calls them) and if I’m totally honest I felt unfit, menopausal, old and pretty miserable.

But it was my dear old mum who really spooked me into action when she suggested I might be heading towards a diabetes diagnosis. That’s when I decided enough was enough and I entered my first 10k running race.

I hadn’t even run 5k let alone 10k but I had 6 months to learn – and I had to do SOMETHING!

Studland beach

Studland beach

Best thing I ever did…

In reality that was just the start, and I’ve never looked back. I now regularly plod 10k, mostly on local trails as my knees (and brain) don’t like boring hard pavements, and I’ve even been known to do a few half marathons (as long as I can walk bits and eat loads of jelly babies). I’ve even written a post on how my friends and I decided on what running shoes to buy (first world problems, eh!)

I also organise off-road beginner running groups (which I love), preach about the benefits of yoga, run (or more accurately, jog) around the beautiful Dorset countryside looking at its fantastic wildlife (see my post on How to Start Jogging), and generally go gaga over my fat rescue cat.

Why a blog?

Hopefully some of the things I’ve discovered over the past five years, and continue to learn every day, will be useful to other women on the same weird and wonderful journey as me.

So, if any of this sounds familiar and if you’d love to be jogging along rather than sitting on the sofa – read on, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or say hello on social media.

I’d really love to hear from you ~ Jane